A non-profit making club for owners of Hattersley Looms - specifically the Hattersley Domestic

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Spares Shed

Relaunch of the Club

Welcome to the Hattersley Loom Club web site!


We're relaunching by popular demand to meet the ever increasing interest in Hatterlsey Domestic Looms. When we first launched we were a bit ahead of our time and we only got limited support, but that's all changed now.


We've been busy since 2007 saving looms around the world and giving advice where we can to members. We're in the process of reconstructing this Club site to support members with three main area:



About the Club and how to register


The Club was formed to provide a network for owners of Hattersley Domestic Looms. Whether your a novice setting up a loom for the first time OR an experienced weaver looking for a spare part - the club exists to try and help members to be in touch and share skills.


If you have a problem with your loom, want to sell it, need a spare part, want to buy one - then drop us an email and we will put a notice up in our online 'Spares Shed'. click here.


The future...


Looking to the future, if we can recruit enough members we're interested in having a weekend event with talks and a chance to meet other weavers, develop a Guild of Master Hattersley Loom Weavers.



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