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We are currently in the process of writing an on-line user manual to help members with all the many issues of setting up and fine tuning a Hattersley Domestic Loom.


We hope to have a first draft live by mid March 07.


Problem: I have bars in the weft of the cloth - picks group tighly together and then get wide apart and then close up again as I weave - what is causing this?


There can be two main causes of this problem relating to the let-off or take-up:

Beam Let off at the back of the loom

- Craven/weighted let off - you  might have got a splash of oil on the let grip wheels - try cleaning them with meths or white spirit.

_ Is the let off a geared one on the back - if your paul on the back release mechanism is worn it will skip a couple of teeth every now and again. Get the paul reground/adjusted to let off consistently.

Take-up at the front of the loom

- Check that the paul at the front of the loom on the take up is consistently picking teeth - if it is worn it may be missing teeth occasionally and therefore producing weft bars.